Yonsei Journal of International Studies
Submission Guidelines

The Yonsei Journal of International Studies strives to create a discussion on the most relevant issues in International Studies. Therefore, we welcome submissions from all scholars, particularly graduate students, regarding the rather diverse field of International Studies, particularly those topics that challenge the conventional wisdom of any given issue.

Each issue of the printed journal will contain the following three sections, in addition to an interview section managed by the Journal staff:

PapersThis section includes feature length articles of original research and must include proper citations. It is this section that showcases compelling and stimulating research that provides a collage of situations and cases. Inclusions should range from 3,000 to 8,000 words.

Essays: Dedicated to editorials, recommendations, and reflections, this section includes essays that takes stances on issues and develop sophisticated argumentations. Though not limited to a particular theme, these essays can discuss past events, current situations, and future perspectives. Inclusions should range from 1,500 to 3,000 words.

ReviewsThis section focuses on evaluations and reviews of existing arguments contained in essays, articles and books, in addition to policy reviews. The pros and cons of each argument or policy reviewed should be provided for a broader and more comprehensive understanding of not only the argument, but the situation of the assertion in a greater context. Inclusions should be no longer than 2,000 words.

The following guidelines should be adhered to for all submissions:

1. All submissions must be sent as a Microsoft Word file.

2. Citations should appear as endnotes as per the Chicago Manual of Style.

3. Pages should not be numbered or market with the author’s name.

4. Papers submissions should include an abstract of no longer than 250 words as a separate 

5. Foreign words should be Romanized according to the following systems:

  •    Japanese: Revised Hepburn
  •    Korean: Revised Romanization
  •    Chinese: Pinyin

6. A short biography should also be included with each submission.

7. American spelling should be used in all submitted pieces.

Submissions that neglect these guidelines will take further time to review and may be sent back to the author for revisions or rejected altogether.

Each article submitted to the Yonsei Journal of International Studies is blindly peer reviewed. All articles are judged on the basis of relevance to the theme (if applicable), originality, argumentation and prose. The Editor in Chief holds final authority as to inclusions and rejections of articles for publication.

Editors reserve the right to make changes in accordance with the Journal’s style stipulations during the editing and design process; we assume no obligation regarding publication. The copyrights of published articles remains with the Yonsei Journal of International Studies, and no article may be published in any form without written permission.

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In order to submit, please send an email to with your your piece attached as Word document along with the information listed below. Please write in the subject line “Submission to Yonsei Journal of International Studies.” Your attached article should include your abstract and references. If any part of the article has been published in any other form, authors must make it clear in their submission.

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  • Institute (University, Research, Compnay, etc)
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