Yonsei Journal


The Yonsei Journal of International Studies (YJIS), alternatively known as Papers, Essays, and Reviews (PEAR), is an academic journal managed by students at the Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University. The Yonsei Journal is the first scholarly journal to be peer reviewed and published by graduate students in English in Korea. The journal is geared primarily for graduate students in Korea and around the globe, but is also open to junior academics. Each issue seeks to cover a wide-range of issues in the field of international studies, though some issues are specifically tailored to a specific theme.

There are four sections in total. The journal publishes papers, essays, book reviews and interviews. The papers section is for longer pieces that adhere to academic methodology and provide a unique contribution to the literature; the essays section is for short articles that are more argumentative in style and more editorial in prose; and the reviews section provides a space for critiques of popular publications, usually a recently published book.

Starting with the Fall 2010 issue, the Yonsei Journal staff has also been conducting interviews with leading scholars to get their unique insight on important issues. The ultimate aim of the Yonsei Journal is three-pronged: to provide an opportunity for Yonsei GSIS students to manage and participate in the process of editing and publishing, to open an additional avenue for graduate students and junior academics to publish their work and to reinforce and build upon the reputation of the GSIS at Yonsei University.